29 Aug ‘20: ATC News

WPA Return to Play! - TSA Registration

Read the full Newsletter here:  https://mailchi.mp/876c6ab84bf2/20200829

Western Province Athletics (WPA) is collecting names of coaches and athletes wanting to gain access to the various stadiums in Cape Town, including Green Point Athletics Track!

If you are interested on training on track (either as an individual or as part of the ATC Track Sessions), please complete the request at the link below.

Please note that we do not know what the restrictions are going to be ito number of athletes at any given time.  So, we cannot plan coached sessions yet.  However, we need to submit names to WPA on Monday (31 Aug) so it’s best that we submit the names of anyone who may want to attend our sessions or want to train on their own at other times.

This is not a booking form, only a request for access.  Access, if granted, will be confirmed by WPA.



TSA Registration for the new season will open on 1 September.  But wait for official notification before you buy a new license.