29 Sep '19: ATC AGM

As announced in our newsletter, dated 9 September 2019, our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 10 October 2019, at 19:00, at the Green Point Cricket Club.

The primary topic for discussion will be the proposed new Constitution to enable us to register ATC Multisport as a not for profit voluntary association for public benefit.

We have published the proposed constitution on our website, at this link (and below):
All versions of our past and present constitutions can also be found on this page.

As it is a completely re-written constitution, the changes are too many to list here.  Although the constitution is more formal and modernised, the operation of the Club will not change.  We will cover the salient points at the AGM. 

Please download the constitution and review in preparation for the AGM.  Please lodge all comments and / or objections BEFORE the meeting, either by return email or through the RSVP link provided below.

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ATC 2019 - Agenda

1)  Welcome
2)  Feedback
3)  New Constitution
4)  Election - ATC Committee 2019-2021
5)  General
6)  Closing
We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!
ATC Committee