The Club

ATC Multisport is the largest and most well established triathlon and multisport club in South Africa.  Formed in 2006 as the Atlantic Triathlon Club, we cater for triathletes and multisport athletes in Cape Town and the Western Cape.  During the course of 2009, the Atlantic Triathlon Club evolved into ATC Multisport, which incorporates the original Atlantic Triathlon Club covering triathlon, duathlon and Xterra;  ATC Running, which is ASA registered, and caters to on- and off-road runners; and ATC Cycling, covering road and mountain biking.  In 2011 we affiliated with SSA and created ATC Swimming.  We now boast the fastest growing masters swimming club in South Africa. 

Multisport is one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa.  We seek to drive this growth by promoting various formats of multisport, as well as the individual disciplines of cycling, swimming and running. Our aim is to attract athletes across a range of abilities, from complete beginners to elite athletes.

ATC Multisport is based in Mouille Point on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town, but welcomes both members and visitors from across the country and around the world.  So if you’re new to the sport, a seasoned professional, visiting Cape Town on holiday, or here for professional training, get in touch and join the exhilarating world of multisport!

ATC Multisport is affiliated to Western Province Triathlon Association, Triathlon South Africa, Western Province Athletics, Athletics South Africa, Cycling South Africa, Western Province Aquatics and Swimming South Africa.  We are incorporated as a non-profit association for the benefit of sport, and are governed by a constitution.  You can download our constitution from this page (scroll further down).

ATC members can be spotted participating at most events throughout the year.  We have a wide range of club kit for all the disciplines and our ATC gazebo is a club feature at the bigger races annually. We look forward to meeting you soon!

The ATC Brand:

The ATC brand is integral to differentiating the Club and creating a “stand out or die out” attitude. Thanks to the assistance of acclaimed brand strategists at Pitchblack Design, we developed our new brand in late 2007 as part of our more dynamic approach to various multisport-related activities.

The ATC brand aims to be a simple and clean brand that can be used in mixed forms of media and is more practical for apparel applications. The logo utilises the trident symbol, derived from Neptune, God of the Sea (which gives a nod to our close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean). The shape of the trident can be seen as an interaction of the letters A-T-C, the three spikes representing the three disciplines of triathlon. The trident also symbolises moving forward, strength, power and dominance.

The Club colours will be predominantly black, white and orange.  We aim to express the brand in many different formats, such as partial snaps of the logo, graffiti images and other innovative new ways of using the brand in different forms of media.  It will, however, still be a simple brand language with dynamic applications.


We have a permanent base at the GPCC but our roaming office is still in operation.  You can collect licenses and gear at the Tuesday & Wednesday Track Sessions or the Canal Swims.  Please check the Training Page for the weekly training plan.  Email if you would like us to bring you something to one of the other sessions or to make other arrangements.