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ATC Pub Run
A reminder of our Pub Run, taking place tomorrow (Tuesday) from the Green Point Cricket Club, at 18:00.  Perhaps a warm-up lap around the field followed by a plyometric drink in the GPCC bar.  We will visit a few pubs along the seaboard and in the Waterfront before finishing at Extrablatt on Somerset Road.  Please bring cash for the drinks as we won’t be in one place long enough to run a tab (no pun intended).
Please wear ATC kit for the run! 
Membership Fees & Levies
Our club membership fees will increase on 1 January 2018. The new fees, approved at the ATC AGM, held on 26 July 2017, are shown in the table below, which also includes a history of membership fees since 2014:
Junior / Scholar
Subject to Training and Assistance Levy
ATC has two levies, which have been introduced over time to cover hard costs of our activities:
The Training Levy (R50 per season) was introduced in 2014 for canal swimmers to cover the costs of safety and access control equipment purchased for the canal swim.  When Green Point Athletics Track started charging us for lights in July 2017, the committee decided to impose this levy on Track Runners as well.  Up to now we have been quite lenient in terms of enforcing this levy.  However, to date we have covered less than half of the major expenses incurred for these two training sessions.  We will therefore be stricter with this and will build a check into the sign in system to verify that members have paid the levy.  This levy will increase to R80 from the 1st of January 2018.
The Helpers Levy (ATC Assist, R100 per year), was approved at the 2016 AGM but has not been enforced yet.  This levy has been orderable from our on-line shop since 1 August 2017.  Members have a choice to either volunteer their services on two occasions during the year, or to pay the ATC Assist Levy.  These funds will enable us to hire casuals to assist in place of volunteers.  In January 2018 we will make an on-line booking system available for members to volunteer at our training sessions and / or events.  Members who have not signed up to volunteer by the end of January will be automatically billed for the levy.
These levies will NOT apply to the ATC MS Junior, Student or Country Memberships.  However, Country members, who attend the Canal or Track sessions from time to time, will be requested to pay the Training Levy.  Country members, who live with the Cape Town Unicity District will also be required to aid or pay the ATC Assist Levy.  Pensioners are not required to pay the levies.  Any member with a compelling reason not to pay the levy may apply for exemption from the ATC Committee.
ASA Running Licenses
2018 ASA Licenses are not available yet.  2017 ASA Licenses will be valid till the end of January 2018.  There are still some 2017 licenses available if you would like to purchase one for events up to the end of January 2018.

RESULTS:  Details here...

WC Triathlon League & TSA Licenses
The Western Cape Triathlon Age Grouper’s League point standings will, hopefully, be published this week by CTUTA.  This League is sponsored by ATC and will include all TSA / CTUTA sanctioned events within the Western Cape as well as events further afield, in which a considerable number of WC Triathletes participate.  It has been quite a challenge to determine to best way to calculate point allocation, given the disparate categories at events and varying formats of the results.  Initial point standings will be provisional to give licensed athletes a chance to verify their results.  To give you an indication of the allocation, we have included points for the Slanghoek Triathlons in our Results Blog for this event:  You can view this here:  https://www.atcmultisport.club/about/blog/2017/10/30/22-oct-%E2%80%9817-results-%E2%80%93-slanghoek
Please note that if you do not hold a TSA Recreational or Racing license, your points will not be pulled through to the League results.  All 2017 TSA Licenses have now expired so if your TSA number does not end with a /18, your points will expire at the end of this year.  Due to the TSA Membership System changes this season, all 2017 licenses, which should have expired on 31 August 2017 were extended to 1 December 2017.  These licenses must now be renewed through one of the CTUTA Affiliated Clubs.  ATC members can purchase the license from Tri SPaza.
Ironman 5150 Nelson Mandela Bay
Congratulations to Ane Ferreira, who was second in the ladies 25-29 category at the Ironman 5150 Olympic Distance Triathlon, held in Port Elizabeth on Sunday, 3 December.  Tina Van Wyk, was second in the ladies 50-54 category.
ATC’s Results can be viewed here:
Woolworths Charity Triathlon
Congratulations to Dean Hopf, who was the overall winner at this year’s Woolworths Charity Triathlon, which took place on Saturday, 2 December.  Vernon Visser, was third overall.  In the short race, Daniel Moolman was second overall and Lucy Gauntlett the second lady.
All the ATC’ers results can be viewed here:
Coronation Double Century
The Coronation Double Century, which took place on Saturday, 25 November, was a huge success for ATC, with all four our teams finishing with all 12 riders.  Embark also had four teams representing but a crash took out some of the Northern Suburbs’ riders so that team did not finish with all 12 riders.  One of the Embark Southern Suburbs Team members, Amanda Cardenas, was unfortunately hospitalised the week before the event so that team only started with 11 riders.  In true DC spirit, they picked up another rider along the way and helped him to the finish to become the only team to start with 11 riders but finish with 12! 
A special word of thanks goes to our teams’ supporters, who had a long day out there in the sun and traffic:  Amanda Bloch, Hazel McQueen, Jessica Hopley, Leonie Hurter, Lindsay Cilliers, Lisa Lawson and Zameer Osman.
All-in-all, ATC had almost 150 riders at the event.  Further down you will find the results of all the ATC and Embark Teams.  Results of all the ATC’ers who rode for other teams have been posted on our on-line Blog at:
Torpedo SwimRun
The Torpedo SwimRun, held on Sunday 19 November, was, once again, a fantastic event!  The sea was a bit warmer than with the February event, but the high swell brought adventure into the swim legs.  Congratulations to Team We're gonna bee flamous, with Linda Detering and Bianca Tarboton who won the ladies category.  Team Labradors, with Karen Graaff and Jaqueline Vockins was 3rd in this category.  The Rock Lobsters with Nolan Steele and Birgitt Ouweneel was the 3rd Mixed Team.
ATC’s Results can be viewed here:
Race 2 Stanford
The inaugural Race2Stanford (R2S), which took place on Saturday 18 November, turned out to be a tough and challenging Ultra Distance Triathlon through Hermanus, the Hemel & Aarde valley and the Stanford village.  Browsing through the bike splits will reveal how the hills and wind took its toll on the Triathletes.
Congratulations to Anton Du Plessis who won the Masters Category and Martha Thom who won the Female Veteran Category.  Piet Viljoen was the second Master.
ATC’s Results can be viewed here:
Slanghoek MTB & Road Triathlons
The Slanghoek valley offered another breath-taking weekend on 21 and 22 October and the races didn’t disappoint.  In the flagship Standard Distance Road event, Dean Hopf was 4th overall (2nd Subvet, 30-39), Kobus Meyer was the 3rd Vet (40-49) and Wessel Van Der Merwe the 2nd Grand Master (60-69).
Michelle Krebs was the 3rd lady home (2nd Senior, 20-29), Alice Oosthuizen the 3rd Subvet (30-39) and Tania Fourie the 2nd Vet (40-49).  Jeanine Ruffles won the Masters (50-59) Category with Celia Pienaar in Second.
In the Sprint Road event Henry Wolstenholme won the Masters category (4th overall), Christoff Van Heerden won the Subvet category (5th overall) and Colin Van Zyl won the Vets Category (6th overall).
Caylan Bromley won the Junior category (3rd lady), Lucy Gauntlet was the second Senior (4th Lady) and Uta Lehman the 2nd Subvet (6th Lady).
Vicky Van Der Merwe was the first lady in the Long Off-Road off-road event and Sandy Russell was the second Veteran.  Matthew Daneel was second overall under the men (1st Subvet), Douglas Burger won the Masters Category (9th overall) and Steven Mewissen was the 3rd Vet.
Dean Hopf won the Short Off- Road event, David Durham was the 2nd Subvet (5th overall) and Wouter Kriegler was the 3rd Subvet (9th overall).  Lucy Gauntlet was the second Senior (3rd Lady) and Leigh Rynhoud the 3rd Vet. William Marais was the 2nd Master.
All the ATC’ers results are on our on-line Blog:

Other Results

Evan Fortuin won all the trail runs he entered in November.  This included:
Friday 10 November, the Spier Twilight Trail Run, 10 Km.
Saturday 11 November, the Delheim Trail Run, 12 Km.  James Dillon was second at this event.
Saturday 18 November, the Simonsig TrailFun, 10 Km.  Daniel Arendse won the 5 Km race at this event.
Saturday 25 November, the NID Trail Run at the Karoo National Garden in Worcester, 22 Km.
At the Dirtopia Blooming Trail Run, held on L'Avenir on 26 November, Daniel Arendse was second in the 6 Km race.
Esther Patience was the 3rd Veteran Lady at the Bottelary 10 Km, held this past weekend.
Barry Goliath was the 2nd Veteran in the Voet van Africa Half Marathon, held in October 2017.
ATC Kids Results & Prize Giving
The ATC Kids Development Team had their annual prize giving on Saturday and the following runners were recognised for their performance during 2017:
ATC Kids Athlete of the Year - Junior Beukes
ATC Kids Track & Field Athlete of the Year - Shaunica Phillips
ATC Kids Cross Country Runner of the year - Glenwille Aries
Little Athletics - Track and Field
Saturday, 18 November 2017
Girls u/14 – Racewalk:  Jenedean Rudolph, 3rd.
Girls u/12 - 80m Sprints:  Jenedean Rudolph, 1st and Zuraida Aries, 3rd.
Girls u/12 - 150m Sprints:  Zuraida Aries, 3rd.
Boys u/10 – Hurdles:  Granville Aries, 3rd.
Saturday, 11 November 2017
Girls u/12 - 800m Racewalk:  Jenedean Rudolph, 1st.
Girls u/12 - 150m Sprint:  Zuraida Aries, 1st and Jenedean Rudolph, 2nd.
Ģirls u/14 – 200m:  Shaunica Phillips, 2nd.
Boys u/14 - 800m:  Ricardo Phillips, 2nd.
Boys u/10 - 60m:  Granville Aries, 2nd.

TRAINING:  Details here...

Training times for the festive season are shown in the tables below.  Please keep an eye on the Training WhatsApp groups as plans may change due to activities around the stadium and availability of club resources over this period.
ATC Training WhatsApp Groups: 
SWIM:  Canal Swims on the 22nd and 29th of December are subject to us getting enough helpers for the SUP and sign-in, etc.
Yes / No
Friday 15 Dec
V&A Waterfront Canal
Friday 22 Dec
V&A Waterfront Canal
Yes (TBC)
Friday 29 Dec
V&A Waterfront Canal
Yes (TBC)
Friday 5 Jan
V&A Waterfront Canal
BIKE:  We are not scheduling any weekend rides for this period but there will be a lot of riding taking place.  Please feel free to post your plans on the ATC Cycling Training WhatsApp Group, if you are looking for company.
Yes / No
Thursday 14 Dec
Virgin Active Point
Thursday 21 Dec
Virgin Active Point
Thursday 28 Dec
Virgin Active Point
Thursday 4 Jan
Virgin Active Point
RUN:  Note the changes to track sessions planned for this period.
Yes / No
Tuesday 12 Dec AM
Green Point Athletics Track
Tuesday 12 Dec PM
PUB RUN Green Point Cricket Club
Wednesday 13 Dec PM
Green Point Athletics Track
Tuesday 19 Dec AM
Green Point Athletics Track
Wednesday 20 Dec PM
Waterfront - Sundowner 10K
Tuesday 26 Dec
Wednesday 27 Dec
Tuesday 2 Jan AM
Wednesday 3 Jan PM
There is a social running group, RunSocial, hosting a run every Thursday morning, staring from the Sea Point Pavilion at 05:55.  The routes vary, the pace is social, it takes about an hour and everyone is welcome, if you wear socks (any colour).  For updates on the weekly plan, please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/runsocialct/

EVENTS:  Details here...

Lomond Off-Road Triathlon
Take in the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy and Lomond Wine Estate on Saturday, 16 December!  With a large dam, beautiful views, stunning routes between fynbos valleys, this venue just outside Gansbaai, is perfect for a Triathlon.  Be part of the inaugural Lomond Triathlon, which is set to become a popular off-road Triathlon in the Western Cape.  There is a shaded and covered area, with a full view of the swim and transition where supporters will be entertained with live music, good food, good coffee and good wine!  They will be cheering you on, secretly hoping that you take the whole day to finish the race.
For events happening throughout the festive season, please refer to the list below:
Event Name
Tuesday, 12. December 2017
Fun Run
Green Point Cricket Club
Saturday, 16. December 2017
Off-Road Triathlon
Lomond Wine Estate, Gansbaai
Saturday, 16. December 2017
Open Water Swim
Clifton 3rd Beach
Saturday, 16. December 2017
Road Run
NY 49 Stadium, Gugulethu
Sunday, 17. December 2017
Trail Run
Oudtshoorn & Mossel Bay
Wednesday, 20. December 2017
Road Run
V&A Waterfront
Saturday, 23. December 2017
Milkwood Restaurant, Onrus River Beach
Tuesday, 26. December 2017
Off-Road Run
Cape Academy, Firgrove Way, Constantia
Saturday, 30. December 2017
Road / Off-Road Run
Gansbaai Primary
Sunday, 31. December 2017
Road Run
Mouillie Point Light House
Monday, 1. January 2018
Open Water Swim
Enjoy the Festive Season!

2017 Double Century - ATC & Embark Teams’ Results

Team Name
Team Position
Cat Position
Atlantic Triathlon Club      98
Alisha Myers
Angelique Edwards
Bjorn Pienaar
Darrin Hofmeyr
Jessica Griesel
Jonathan Edwards
Kateryna Tertiienko
Milo Kritzinger
Peter Adolphs
Sally Misplon
Thamsanqa Gumpo
Travys Wilkins
Embark Town     89
Carl May
Dan Marcus
Eduard Van Den Heever
Emma Heap
Gavin Cilliers
Genine Manchip
Gerhardt Van Niekerk
Marco Barbieri
Mario Penso
Michael Redington
STeve Attwell
Taschyana Hurter
ATC Cycling     25
B-Rabbit Carter
Charl Souma
Gerhard Van Niekerk
Jo-Marie Wolfaardt
Karla Ray
Kris Joss
Kyle Burton
Lindsay Jolly
Marc Wilson
Marisa Smalberger
Nicolien Booysen
Scott Salvage
Embark Southern Suburbs     60
Alan Bird
Amy Wessels
Andrew Tucker
Danielle Mascher
Gareth Dragt
Gerhard Janse Van Rensburg
Kyle Goetsch
Kyle Lotz
Lienke Janse Van Rensburg
Patrick Lawson
Robin Bolten
Embark NS     85
Brand Van Den Heever
Elizma Geldenhuys
Isaac Malgas
Jenny O`Hanlon
Johan Rousseau
Jp Cronje
Venetia Landman
Wielie Frick
Willem Frylinck
Willie De Witt
Wynand Blom
ATC Multisport     31
Aashiek Parker
Brad Voges
Butch Leask
David Petersen
Dawn Clarke
Gert Wilkins
Jeremy De Tolly
Kelsey Tanner
Mohamed Mansura
Raees Ahmed Dalvie
Reza Khan
Serge Witkowsky
Embark Kaas & Wyn     62
Andries Van Eeden
Carin Bothma
Hugo Hall
Marcolette Stander
Monique Coetzee
Roelof Joubert
Yolanda Deale
MiWay MiFitLife ATC Mixed      7
Alistair Chivell
Handre Durand
Katie Neill
Kevin Mckinney
Kirsten Hopwood
Lara Browne
Leigh White
Marius Tinney-Crook
Peter Mcewan
Robyn Leigh Elford
Steph Appel
Trevor Hodgson