17 Jan '18: ATC WEEKLY

Welcome – 10000 Runs – RunClean – IM703 Buffalo City


Welcome to all the new members who have joined recently!  It is great to see that so many of our new members have already joined us for a Canal Swim or Track Run.  On Tuesday we had our 10 000th happy run on the Green Point Athletics Track.  We started running on the track on 4 November 2015 and have kept an electronic log of attendance ever since. The 10000 represents the sum of the attendance logs, over 195 sessions, by 1049 different runners.  Thus, an average of 52 runners per session.  Our 10000th Runner was Daryn Clark who joined ATC last week and attended his first track session on Tuesday.  We will invite Daryn to collect one of our special 10-year anniversary T-Shirts for his great timing!
On Friday we also had our 10 000th happy swim in the canal since we started keeping electronic log of the swims.  We started the canal swim on 15 October 2010 but had a paper sign in process until 18 October 2013, when we implemented the electronic sign in.  We estimate the total number of canal swims to date at around 14000.
With the calendar jam packed with road running events leading up to Two Oceans and Comrades, we would like to remind members that ATC fully supports Modern Athlete’s #RunClean initiative, which is endorsed by WPA.  Under no circumstance may runners drop water sachets or any other refuse anywhere other than in bins provided or within demarcated litter zones.  On windy days, please dispose only in a bin or bag, not on the road and definitely not in the vegetation on the side of the road.  The Cape winds will carry your sachet into the sea in no time.
Our club running shorts have pockets on the legs, which can be used to stash sachets until the next water point.  You can also sew your ASA License onto the front of your vest and leave the top edge open to make a pouch for stowing sachets.  At Triathlon events littering will lead to immediate disqualification.
ATC Office / Collection Times
We are receiving a lot of enquiries about Membership, 2018 ASA Licenses and collection times.  We therefore include answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 
Once you have ordered and paid for your Membership and License, you can come and train with us and collect your license and gear.  You do not need to wait for further confirmation.  We do send automated emails, but these seem to be directed into junk mail folders.
Visit our Affiliation Page for details on ordering your 2018 ASA (or other) licenses.
2018 ASA Licenses and gear can be collected at the following times:
Tuesday mornings from 06:00 till 07:00 from the Track Session at Green Point Athletics Track. (Not while session is in progress 06:15 till 07:00).
Wednesday evenings from 17:00 till 18:00 from the ATC Container at the Green Point Cricket Club. And again after 19:00. (Not while the Track session is in progress from 18:00-19:00).
Friday mornings from 05:30 till 07:00 from the Canal Swim at the Marina near the Cape Grace Hotel.
Please visit our Training Page for exact locations of Track and Canal Sessions.
If the above times don't suit, please WhatsApp Admin on 0733083127 to arrange another time in the Green Point area.
ATC Membership is valid for one year from the date you joined / last renewed.  Running licenses are valid for the calendar year indicated on the physical license bib (Jan to Dec) irrespective of when you buy it.
Triathlon Licenses are valid from September till August.  The last two digits on your number indicates the year of expiry.  i.e. /18 means August 2018
Our Banking Details are:
Bank:  Investec Bank, Sandton, Grayston Drive
Branch:  58-01-05 (For some Banks Append "00")
Account Name:  Atlantic Triathlon Club
Account Number:  10011103336
Reference:  Order# Name Surname
You can also pay Cash or by Card at the above-mentioned collection times.


TRAINING:  Details here...

ATC Training WhatsApp Groups:
SWIM:  The Canal Swims will be on Friday mornings at 06:00.  Please arrive in good time to park at the Silos, walk to the start and be in the water by 06:00.  We start as soon as the SUP is in the water.  No one will be allowed to start after 06:10.  All swimmers must please sign in before the swim and sign out afterwards.
BIKE:  On Thursday morning, at 05:30, we will do a road bike ride from Point Virgin Active. 
On Saturday morning we will do a road bike ride, starting from the Point Virgin Active at 05:30.  It will be a 4-hour ride over Chappies towards Black Hill and back.
RUN:  We will have a Track session on Tuesdays at 06:00 and on Wednesdays at 18:00.  Sessions will be on the Green Point Athletics Track unless events are taking place there.  In that case, track will be at the Green Point Cricket Club (across the road).
There will be NO 5 Km Time Trial this month as we are in-between major events for Runners and Triathletes.  Track coaches may sneak in a 1 Mile TT next week so come and show your speed.  We will include age categories in our Time Trial results soon to give runners a chance to compete with their peers.
The runners from RunSocial are back from their holidays and keen to shed the excess gathered over the season.  Join them every Thursday morning, staring from the Sea Point Pavilion at 05:55.  The routes vary, the pace is social, it takes about an hour and everyone is welcome.  For updates on the weekly plan, please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/runsocialct/


EVENTS:  Details here...

On Sunday is the start of the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series, with the first event taking place in the Lebanon Forest, Grabouw.  For more information on this and other events taking place this week, please follow the links provided below.
Event Name Date(s) Type Venue
Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) Monday, 15 Jan to 23 Feb 2018 Entry Substitutions Cape Town
Dan Luyt 15 Km Nite Wednesday, 17. January 2018 Road Run Ipic Aurora Shopping Centre, Durbanville
Beachcomber 15 Saturday, 20. January 2018 Road Running Strandfontein Pavillion
Spur Cape Summer Trail Series #1 Sunday, 21. January 2018 Trail Run Lebanon Forest, Elgin Valley
Around the Rocks Swim Sunday, 21. January 2018 Openwater Swim Big Bay, Blouberg Strand
Future Events
Next week is Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City and a large contingent of ATC’ers will be heading to East London for one of the highlights on our calendar.  We were unable to secure a group booking for Friday evening, but we do have a booking at Grazia on Saturday evening at 18:30.  If you would like to join us for dinner on Saturday evening, please click here to reserve a slot.
Annually Ironman 70.3 hosts a VIP briefing and Pasta evening for charity entrants.  They often receive requests from other athletes to attend and have made some tickets available to regular athletes for this year’s VIP Briefing, which will take place on Friday 26 January at the East London Golf Club on Bunker Hill.  The cost per ticket is R250 and includes your Pasta Buffet, pudding and the Race Briefing conducted by Paul Wolff.  There are only a few seats available and you are advised to book quickly through:  julia@ironman4thekidz.co.za
Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City Athlete Guide and briefing
This evening, after track we wil go through the Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City Athlete Guide and race briefing.  Please feel free to join us in the Green Point Cricket Club bar for a beer, briefing and even some transition practice.  We will start at 19:00.
ATC Transition Bag
The ATC Triathlon Transition bag was specifically designed for events such as Ironman 70.3 and can make your life a lot easier when you rack before the race and remove your bags and bike from transition afterwards.  The bag has a wet compartment for your wetsuit and some smaller compartments for money, cell phone, etc.  Once you have racked your bike and placed all your Bike and Run gear on the racks, the ATC Transition Bag can be collapsed to easily fit into your street gear bag, along with your other clothes needed after the race (do not leave valuables in your street gear bag!). 
After the race, everything you need to remove from transition (wetsuit, shoes, race kit, etc) will fit in the bag, which you can then safely and comfortably carry on your back while you ride your bike back to the hotel (with your helmet on your head).
The bag is available to ATC Members for R900 and non-members for R1100.
Enjoy the week!