15 Sep '18: Results SwimRun Wild

Torpedo SwimRun Wild

14 & 15 September 2018
Ebb & Flow, Wilderness

As its name suggests, Torpedo SwimRun Wild was wild, but oh so cool!  The event took place over two days in the Wilderness area, with a 6 Km prologue on Friday and a 26 Km Main event on Saturday.  The prologue took place within the Ebb & Flow campsite and included a mammoth climb up one of the surrounding mountains, offering amazing views of the valley and lakes.

On Saturday, the race started at the Nelson Mandela University in George, with a 4 Km downhill chase through the Saasveld forest.  Then, athletes entered the Kaaimans River gorge and started the “swamble” (a combination of swimming and scrambling) over rocks and through chilly pools to the first water point just off the N2.  A breath-taking run to and over the iconic Kaaimans Train Bridge and Tunnel delivered athletes onto the Wilderness beach but, thankfully, not into that wild sea.  From here the race was a bit more relaxed but no less beautiful as athletes darted along the Garden Route Nature Reserve hiking trail and in-and-out of the warmer Touws River.   The longest run leg was followed the longest swim across the Island Lakes and athletes then headed back with a relatively easy run and down-stream swim to the finishers podium! 

The Ebb & Flow camp is beautiful, peaceful and the perfect setting to relax and recover after the race.  The mandatory celebrations and fines with the Llandudno Surf Lifesaving youngsters (who dominated the winners’ podium) followed on Saturday evening.

Congratulations to Linda Detering and Llundudno club mate Bianca Tarboton, from team More Fire, who was second in the ladies’ team category.  STeve Attwell and Genine Manchip, from team Embark Tri, was second in the mixed team category.

The Sossie Flayers, with Roy Gordon and Neill Courtney-Clarke, finished 20th overall in 5:47.  Team Last Minute, with Nick De Wet and Tina Van Wyk, was 24th in 6 hours.  Reports that team ATC Wild, with Gert Wilkins and Marsel Roos, was first in the 70+ category is #FakeNews but they did finish, as planned, in a combined time of 6:21.

The next event in the Torpedo SwimRun Series takes place on 18 November from Sandy Bay to Clifton.  With prize money set at R 100K, the event is attracting competitive athletes as well as fit and adventurous fun-seekers.  Torpedo SwimRun Cape is sold out, but organisers have reserved some team entries for ATC Members.