10 Apr '15: ATC News

ATC ITU WTS Entries – How deep is a Two Oceans?


ATC / Embark Entries for WTS Cape Town
We would like to thank all the members who entered the Discovery WTS Event under ATC or Embark.  Between us we have 18 free entries to the event!  Thank you also to the Discovery World Triathlon organisers for making these entries available to us.  ATC would like to offer these to our members in exchange for a nominal donation of R 500 for the Olympic distance event and R350 for the Sprint distance.  Interested members who have not yet entered or who have entered one of the races and would also like to do the other race, please let us know as soon as possible.  All entries close on Tuesday, 14 April, so we need to complete these entries by Monday.
The Olympic distance Triathlon for age groupers is on the Saturday morning and for the Pro Ladies on the Saturday afternoon.  The Sprint distance event for age groupers is on the Sunday morning and the Pro Men do their Olympic distance race on Sunday afternoon.  So get ready for a Triathlon extravaganza on the weekend of 25 and 26 April!
All proceeds of our entries will go towards funding transport and meals for our development athletes and teams.  We will have teams racing on both days.  We will need to fill-in a couple of slots, mostly swimmers, for the development teams.  So if you are able to do the swim, or bike, or run, on ether day, please let us know.
Taste of Cape Town
Just a reminder that you can get two complimentary entries to the Taste of Cape Town festival happening this weekend.  You have to “purchase” the complimentary tickets on-line, at this link:  https://www.itickets.com/register/new/339140
Two Oceans, how deep do you go?
After we published ATC Running’s results at Two Oceans last week, Gerhard Kotze pointed out that our somewhat subjective view (by our own admission) of what constitutes a good performance in the Ultra and Half may have been an injustice to some of the half marathon runners.  Particularly since the Two Oceans Half is quite tough with Edinburgh Drive in the mix.  Using the generally accepted method of comparing individual performance against the winning time of each respective race, Gerhard reasoned that if we used a 90 minute Half as a measure of good performance the corresponding Ultra cut-off should be pegged at 4:26.  Conversely, if we take a 5 hour Ultra as reference point, we should peg the Half at 1:42.  We definitely consider a sub-5 Ultra to an exceptional achievement so we will use the latter times as our yardstick and re-publish ATC’s Two Oceans results. 
However, with Two Oceans being a major ”goal” event, we ultimately feel that finishing either event is a great achievement for a large number of our members.  So before be re-publish we would like to make sure we have all the ATC’ers results.  We are still receiving emails from members who did one of the events but was not entered under ATC Running.  So we will give members another couple of days to send in their results before we publish.
There were quite a few members who did both Ironman as well as one of the Two Oceans events.  So please also ensure that you are on our list of Ironman Finishers published two weeks ago.  You can view previous newsletters with, published results, on our New Page.


Tomorrow (Saturday) morning we will do an easy 2 -3 hour road bike ride from the Camps Bay Vida at 07:30.  The Canal Swim will be in the afternoon at 16:00.
This coming Tuesday there will be a track session in the morning at 06:00 as well as in the afternoon at 18:00.


Good luck to all the swimmers doing the Freedom Swim tomorrow!  We hope the water has warmed up a bit with the great weather we’ve had over the last couple of days.  Individuals and teams of four will tackle the 7.5 Km swim from Robben Island to Big Bay and this year will be the first time that there is a category for individuals with wetsuits.
The Cross Country League kicks off tomorrow with the traditional 5-man Relay in Pinelands.  We wish our development team all the best as they start the season with brand new shoes from New Balance, which we have just received!  The league runs through winter with WP Championships taking place in August.
A reminder that Western Province Duathlon Championships takes place next Sunday, 19 April, at UniWINES in Rawsonville.  On-line entries close on Tuesday 14 April.  The event includes standard, sprint and super-sprint distances in accordance with Age Groups.   There is also a sprint distance fun event for individuals or teams. 
Enjoy the Weekend!