18 Sep '17: ATC Weekly

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TSA Registration for Cape Ultra and Clanwilliam – CT Marathon


Congratulations to all the ATC’ers who did the Cape Town Marathon and related runs this weekend!  In the full Marathon, ATC Running had over 100 finishers with times ranging from 2:47(!) to 6:22.  Thank you to everyone who raced in our club kit, it was great to see so many out on the route.  Our men’s team (first 4 runners) finished in 10th and the ladies in 15th!  Both teams would have been a couple of positions higher in the rankings if recent member transfers to ATC had been completed.
Congratulations also to all the Triathletes who took part in the ITU WTS Grand Finale, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this past weekend.
Full results will be in our newsletter later this month.
TSA Registration – Cape Ultra & Clanwilliam:
IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If you are taking part in the Cape Ultra or Sprint this weekend or the Freshpak Fitness Festival next weekend, please purchase your TSA Full or Recreational License from the ATC today!  We will close registrations this evening and submit to CTUTA tomorrow to ensure that licenses are issued by the weekend.
The procedure is briefly described below.  You can also visit our About Affiliation Page for more information:
How to get a TSA license:
1)      If you haven't yet, Join or Renew your Atlantic Triathlon Club or ATC Multisport Membership through our On-Line Shop and add your license to the same basket.
2)      If your membership is up-to-date, you can go directly to the Licensing Section and purchase your license of choice.  If you do not have an active membership, you will not be able to purchase the license.  An explanation of the various license types are further down in this email.
3)      Follow the prompt to the payment page and pay the required fee. (By bank Transfer or with a Card at the Club).
4)      ATC will order your license from CTUTA and they will mail your license number to you.
Age Grouper’s League:
In order to participate in the Age Grouper’s league your TSA license must be active by the time the event takes place.  We cannot back-date points.  The Cape Ultra, Sprint, Freshpak Triathlon and Duathlon will all form part of the league.

TRAINING:  Details here...

SWIM:  The canal swim will be on Saturday afternoon at 14:00.  This will be our last Saturday afternoon swim for the year.  Next week there will be NO SWIM as we will be in Clanwilliam.  The week after, 6 October, the swim will be at 06:15 on Friday morning.
BIKE:  On Thursday morning, we will ride from the Point Virgin Active at 05:30.
On Saturday we will do a long ride from Point Virgin Active at 07:00.
RUN:  Track will be at the Green Point Athletics Track, on Tuesday morning at 06:00 and on Wednesday evening at 18:00.  

EVENTS:  Details here...

Good luck to all the Triathletes doing the Cape Ultra and Sprint on Sunday!  Water temperature is expected to be around 13 degrees so be sure to pack your wetsuit.  You may also want to get a cold water hoodie from us this week sometime. 
We will set up the gazebos at the venue early on Sunday morning.
A reminder that the theme for the Freshpak Clanwilliam after-party is “fake news”.  Not much time left to get your outfit ready.
For information on other events taking place this coming weekend, please follow the links provided below:
Event Name
Wednesday, 20. September 2017
Trail Running
Simons, Groot Constantia
Thursday, 21 to 23 September 2017
Mountain Biking
Wittedrift, Knysna
Saturday, 23. September 2017
Road Running
Saturday 23 to Sunday, 24. September 2017
Mountain Biking
Sunday, 24. September 2017
Mountain Biking
Uniondale to Knysna
Sunday, 24. September 2017
Theewaterskloof Dam, Villiersdorp
Sunday, 24. September 2017
Ultra Trail Run
Marloth Nature Reserve, Swellendam
Sunday, 24. September 2017
Open Water Swim
Oceana Boat Club
Monday, 25. September 2017
Mountain Biking
Delvera Farm
Enjoy the week!