18 Feb '15: Appeal for Officials

To all Triathlon Clubs, Triathletes or anybody with an interest in the sport of Triathlon/ Duathlon,
Urgent Appeal for Triathlon Technical Officials, in the Western Cape.
We all understand that the sport of triathlon and duathlon are individual sports with many hours spent training in preparation for the various events in and around the Western Cape and SA.  However, the reality is that without Technical Officials these events will not happen.  We also find ourselves in the fortunate position to have a lot of events to choose from including prestigious events such as ITU World Triathlon Series Cape Town event on 25 and 26 April 2015.  This event in particular requires a large number of Technical Officials and unfortunately the current pool of active TO’s in the Western Cape falls somewhat short and therefore assistance is required from other regions in South Africa.
In an attempt to reduces the stress on the existing Technical Officials and fulfil the needs of the ITU event, we would like to appeal to anybody who is interested in becoming a Technical Official to please contact us.   
Who can become a Technical Official?
·         Anybody with an interest in the sport of triathlon. A basic understanding of the sport would be an advantage.
How do I become a Technical Official? 
·         Attend and pass a TSA Level 1 Technical Officials course.
·         Mentorship Program – Work at 4 events whilst being guided by a qualified official.
·         For the ITU event you will also have to attend and pass an ITU level 1 course. (Course scheduled for April 2015 in Cape Town)    
Proposed way forward
·         Be available to do the mentorship program at events in the Western Cape from 1 March 2015 onwards( fast track for those keen)
·         Attend a TSA Level 1 Technical officials course and write the exam - Mid March
·         Either decide to remain only as TSA level 1 TO and officiate in the Western Cape or make yourself available as TSA level 1 TO and officiate in the Western Cape and  want to be at the WTS event of 25/ 26 April 2015( both days)plus attend the ITU course over 2 days
Should you be interested or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Lynne Manson- Kullin on 083687803 or on admin@wptriathlon.org.za by 23 February 2015.