Affiliation to CSA, WPCA & WCMBA

Affiliation to CSA, WPCA & WCMBA

Most Road and Mountain bike races are sanctioned by Cycling South Africa (CSA) and you have to be a member of CSA in order to participate.  This can be a day licence you purchase for each event (R35) or an annual membership (R150 pa).  The annual membership is what used to be called a Cyclosport license, which is a recreational license.  There is also a Provincial levvy of R25 (WP).
Whilst it is at the discretion of Western Province Cycling Association (WPCA) and Western Cape Mountain Bike Commission (WCMBC), indications are that this membership will suffice for doing WP Road and Mountain Bike Championships.  WPCA and WCMBA have stipulated that in order to compete in the provincial league and championship events, you must be a member of a cycling club.  
For competing in CSA’s Categories 1 & 2 (as in the Pro Classic Series), National Championships and UCI sanctioned events, you will need a Full Racing License.  This license will cost R 450 for 2017.   Any fully licensed rider can enter National Road Championships, you do not have to be selected.  CSA require all Full Racing License holders to be a member of an affiliate (province) and a club.
CSA Members (recreational) and Full license holders are seeded through the same national seeding system and you will be seeded in accordance with this system at some of the bigger events.
Recreational members are not required to race in club colours but this may be required for provincial events.  Full license holders will typically be required to race in club colours.  CSA and WPCA used to be very strict with clothing rules.  However, we are told that they are now more lenient to encourage team participation.
The Pedal Power Association (PPA) developed independently to promote cycling as a means of transport and recreation.  PPA Membership does not include any form of club membership or affiliation to any provincial or national governing body.  PPA also offers other benefits such as further reduced entry fees, easy entry booklets, timing chips and their own seeding system.

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The no-brainer part:  As a minimum, get the annual CSA Membership and register with ATC Cycling as the club.  In order to participate in provincial events you may be required to prove that you are a member of a club and you may therefpre need to purchase a membership card from CSA for R30.      For the racing snakes:  If you want to compete seriously, get the Full Racing license, in addition to your CSA Membership.      Join PPA and purchase a timing chip to get your race results at most of the races in the Western Cape from Spring to Autumn.  You will then also be part of the PPA Seeding system.