ATC Running Membership

ATC Running was launched in 2009, primarily to enable ATC Multisport members to license with Athletics South Africa without having to join another running club.  And to have cool running kit!  We issued our first licenses in 2010.  ATC Running quickly grew to stand on it’s own feet as a running club and we have a large number of members who join for the running section only. 

We have just around 400 licensed runners, who belong to either the ATC Multisport Club or ATC Running.  You can purchase a running license with either of these memberships from our on-line shop

We host our WPA sanctioned event, the Summer Sunset Team Time Trial, twice a year.  Typically in late February and October.

You can join ATC Running as an individual club if this is the only sport you do.  If you do more than one sport and join ATC Multisport, ATC Running membership will be included in the Multisport Membership.  You can purchase an ASA Running License with your ATC Running or ATC Multisport Membership.

We have a coached Track Running session on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings on the Green Point Athletics Track.  This session is very popular and well attended and is aimed and road and trail runners.

On Saturdays we do longer Road / Trail Runs but these depend on events happening during the week.

In Summer we also do longer road runs on weekends.  These runs are scheduled around a very busy running and multisport calendar.

Tuesday & Wednesday Track Sessions

We use one the awesome Blue Track at the Green Point Athletics Stadium, on the corner of Vlei and Fritz Sonnenberg Roads.  You can park outside the Green Point Cricket Club and use the toilet and shower facilities there before and after the track session.

Sessions are be led by a qualified coach.  We meet at 17:50 and start warming up at 18:00.  After warm-up there is a plyometric and core strength session before we start with the actual speed work.  This will prevent you from starting strenuous speed work to quickly, which could lead to injuries.

Track Session - What's the point?   

(Extract from article by Dr John Cunniffe from the Galway Triathlon Club)

SPEED:  Results mainly from a combination of muscular strength and coordination.  Few people in our group can run a 60sec 400m.  However a 42min 10km only requires you to be able to run at 100s per 400m so you need a certain amount of speed (say to be able to run around 90sec/400m in a 12x(400m+90sec) session) but not as much as an 800m or a 1500m track athlete.  In general I would say that being able to run a 12x400m session with lap times of 90% of your target 10km pace should be a good foundation.

SPEED ENDURANCE:  The ability to maintain a given speed for an extended period.  You are interested in being able to maintain your chosen race pace for 25x400m with no rest (i.e. 10km) so speed endurance work involves moving to longer intervals (800m-1200m) with less rest ratio than for developing speed.  This allows you to push the pace slightly beyond target race pace (2-5sec/400m faster than target pace) and still have a recovery between reps.  You should be totally comfortable running the first few of these intervals at target pace.  e.g. if your target is to run 42mins for 10km then you would be aiming to run 1000m reps at approx 95-98sec/400m (3:57-4:05/1km) and take 2-3mins rest between reps.