Cycling Membership

On our doorstep we have of the most sought after road and mountain bike training routes in the World!  And we use these extensively, as cyclist and triathletes.  ATC Cycling was launched in 2009, primarily to enable ATC Multisport members to license with Cycling South Arica without having to join another cycling club.

In the past we’ve had teams, such as Contego, affiliate through us and can even boast an Olympian in former member Philip Buys.

We assess the feasibility of affiliation to Cycling South Africa and the Western Province Cycling Association on an annual basis and will affiliate as a service to our ATC Cycling and ATC Multisport Members.  At present CSA does not require club membership for their recreation cycling license (called CSA Membership).  This license covers most of our members needs.

You can join ATC Cycling as an individual club if this is the only sport you want to do with us.  If you do more than one sport and join ATC Multisport, ATC Cycling membership will be included in the Multisport Membership.

We are fortunate to be able to simply fall out of bed, jump on our bikes and ride along sought after and safe cycling routes.  So our members quickly form groups who get together at a convenient time and place along the Atlantic Seaboard.  As a result numbers at our organised club rides are small.  However, we facilitate up to three rides per week and riders of all levels are welcome to attend and meet other members.  You will find that you quickly integrate with other groups.

Typically, our Riding Week looks like this:

Thursday Morning:  A Road Bike Ride from the Point Virgin Active.  In summer we start at 05:30 and in winter at 06:00.  We do not ride when it is very misty or raining as it is too dangerous with the cars and low visibility.

You need a strong light for the mid-week morning rides for most part of the year.

Weekend sessions are scheduled around events but we typically do one long ride on the weekend.  In summer mostly on the road and in winter on the mountain bikes.

Our weekly training plan is published on this website on the Training page.  Please visit this page to see details for this week.